Osaka Trivia Questions

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(Q1)What is the population of Osaka? (a) 10 million
(b) 8 million
(c) 5 million
(d) 3 million
(Q2) About what percentage of Osakans like (living in) Osaka? (a)50 %
(b)65 %
(c)75 %
(d)85 %
(Q3) What was Osaka called? (a) capital of rice
(b) capital of flowers
(c) capital of water
(d) capital of gold
(Q4) What is Osaka called? (a) city of craftsman
(b) city of farmers
(c) city of samurai
(d) city of merchants
(Q5) What was Dotonbori named after? (a) a plant
(b) an animal
(c) a drama
(d) a person
(Q6) What is the most popluar food among people in Osaka? (a) Okonomiyaki
(b) Takoyaki
(c) Kitsuneudon
(d) steak
(Q7) What school in Osaka played an important role at the end of the Edo period? (a) Matsushitajuku
(b) Tekijuku
(c) Keiogijuku
(d) Shokasonjuki
(Q8) Which was created in Osaka? (a) frozen food
(b) instant noodle
(c) slap skate
(d) floppy disk
(Q9) Where do we have the tallest Ferris wheel in the world? (a) Tenpozan
(b) Rinku Papara
(c) Expo land
(d) Maishima sports island
(Q10) Who did not attend a high school in Osaka? (a) the first successful major leaguer, Hideo Nomo
(b) the first space mission specialist, Takao Doi
(c) the National Soccer team manager, Takeshi Okada
(d) the Nagano Olympic Gold medalist, Hiroyasu Shimizu